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Political discussions at work have become a very hot HR issue, given what people think is at stake in the coming election. Life-changing hopes and fears may end up being the most defining characteristic of our experiment with democracy. Emotions are boiling with hopes and fears on both sides of an ever-widening divide in our […]


Do what matters most. I once wrote a book with that title. It took me more than 600 pages to wade through some extreme complexity to get to the profound simplicity of the four things that do matter most—Family, friends, fun and work. In this spirit, I am thinking my way back to the middle […]

21 Peculiar Human Tendencies

We humans can be very peculiar doing odd things at times. Consider the following nonsense that most people have been caught doing at one time or another: 1. We insist on claiming multi-tasking abilities even though we know from experience that you can’t get very far carrying two watermelons with one hand, usually gracing the […]